Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School.....

Well, summer is upon us at the Thomas household- we are officially done with the first (of 17) years of school in the local Stevensville area! The boys sailed right thru their 3 year old preschool class...hard to believe 9 months went by. Plans for next year include moving up with a few kids in their current class to the PreK program offered at the same place, 3 times a week (this year was only 2 days) AND THEN....KINDERGARTEN!!! WOAH now, let's bring it back. anyhoo, here's some snap shots from their momentous day...

Here they are getting ready to say 'GOOODDD BYYYYYEEEE" to each kid as they get up to leave.  haha

 And Syd still wishing she could go join in.....sorry....maybe in a year and a half =)

Just for comparison's's some pictures from the first day of school =) blondies!  hehe

And we celebrated with some of their friends with a little playing and lunching at the park. Fantastic finish. Great year, I'd give it a 10.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Latest happenings..

We had a great and busy weekend! Started off with our own rendition of 'the Fast and Furious' in our front yard. Rich brought over some fun toys and they kids had a blast!! Check it

 Rich was trying to drive his little 4-wheel-drive monster truck over my newly planted flowers.  NOT impressed.  I tossed that thing into the grass, but I wanted to drop kick it.  I was gettin worked up about the kids running into my plants, the house, each other, my car, Rich's car, the trailer  UGH!!! and Rich only had a few moments of panic like this picture below when the little truck almost got smashed to bits by the Hummer.  HA
 MIGHT help you drive better if you could see?  just a thought.

AAAAND another reason Rich came by was to deliver some dirt and mulch for a little somethin I've been workin on in the back yard. Love yard work- especially when there's no kids 'helping'!!! haha Thanks to his deliveries and a lot of sweet plants from Kim at the office and some rearranging of the ones I had already- here's what it looks like now! dang, don't have a before picture..... little South Dakota tree in the corner (corkscrew willow)....two years ago started as a stick in the ground that was about 18 in tall.  and now BEHOLD 8 feet of wonder!  It was getting too crammed back in there so Joe and Ryan dug it up and moved it out 4 more feet into the yard...aaaaand then the leaves all fell off.  SO.  we'll see if it can survive!  dang...

hanging flower baskets from the fence...and the Syd in pink shirt

made this shape a little bigger cause the plants were bustin out into my grass...then planted some of Kim's fun spreading thingys.  wow these pictures make it look tiny

new flower bed!  Check back in 5 years and we'll have a normal sized Jap maple right in the middle!  hahaa.  it's just a dinky stick with red leaves right now....supported by 4 pvc pipes so it doesnt' blow away in the breeze

and a chair waiting for YOU to come and sit with me....aaaahhhhh summer =) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Thanks to my little men, I got some early Mother's Day gifts yesterday morning at preschool. They each made me a (foam) flower necklace, a placemat with their hand prints, a card with their fingerprints as petals on the flower, and we made a little crafty flower pot with the foam flowers together while we were there, and sang us some songs, read a book about moms....and served us cookies and punch! It was fabulous! Here are a few pictures...

And of course I have video too..... Garrett B-boppin the whole song....and Alex slow motion singing! hahahaaa crackin me UP! Alex is a ball of fun- he happens to live right down the street too! can't wait to play this summer together!! =) And yes, i did give the blog a face lift. first of all the picture was from LAST easter....and thought maybe since I changed what it looked like I might blog more. or maybe people will leave more comments?!? haha. at any's to future blogs!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today...I will blog.

WOAH MAN. This is for sure some kind of record for who can blog the least.

Here's what we have been up to list style (in no particular order):

-boys still going to 2 day preschool and loving it (just registered them this week for next year MWF preschool at the same place! YEAH!)
-Lakeshore bball team just beginning districts- great record and so fun to watch!! Ryan and some of his friends have been helping the team at practice a few times and offer advice, which he's all about. GO RED
-I'm on a planning crew for a new thing at our church. March 24th. right around the bend
-Meeting with a handful of new couples when we to the area, new to church. fun getting to know people (and going out to eat!!)
-Different group of people from church we get together for dinner 3-5 times during feb and march to get to know more people....just another way to get to know more people we've been churchin with. Soup night, comin up!
-lots of family comin at the end of march to live the dream in Mich! Can't come soon enough
-weather has been beautiful this winter. 2 snows, barely below 30 ever. LOTS of sun (compared to overcast for 4 months straight) and a few days up by the 50s! Feels like spring already- so I got out my spring decorations. =)
-I'm in the nursery today at church, which will be great for the Syd cause she usually doesn't like to be left....gotta go get ready!
-end with some pictures:
New princess puzzle for Sydney!

Group shot

Painting our signs for Joe's birthday (clearly sydney's says 'happy')

Joe and Susie went on vacation to Arizona areas and brought back these goodies for the kids =)

The end! Gotta get ready for church...yipee!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still singing Christmas songs. =)

Well, they were singing hilarious versions of this song cause they didnt' know the words, and then I get out the camera and it wasn't near as funny. OF Course. still cute. you get the picture. =)

(sorry about the camera hopping around...Sydney was laying/jumping on my back trying to brush my hair. haha

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Preschool Program

So Tuesday was the boys' last day of school for a few weeks. The class had a little 'program' for the families and the kids sang some songs and gave us some gifts they made for us. So cute! check out some great action shots of the kids =)

And this video is my favorite song they did....the other videos were really quiet and I only got part of the song so this is definitely the best one. enjoy!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Enough is enough.

OK PEOPLE. I've heard enough of this 'not posting' business. Here it is, read it and weep. or laugh, whatever.

Birthday Bash! Well, the birthday tornado has passed thru the Thomas household once again....I think it's aged us all. Starting line-up.....


We celebrated her bday with cousin Renae while we were in Florida....both a whoppin TWO years old!! count em, 2. only usually she says either one or eight. we're working on that. =)
Then was me....let's see if I have a picture.... sure don't. well, good thing we all know what I look like. Turned 29, next year is a doozy, better live it up- last year in my 20's! YIKES!
Then a few days later, Ry's bday...also didn't document that one. we had a hot date to celebrate us, dinner out without the kiddies. It was fantastic- will take any time aloooone with him that I can get. =)
And then brining up the rear, the big boys in the house turned 4 on Tuesday. Boy oh boy was there a celebration....might be putting more of those up on fb cause there's a million. Just a small little party, made the boys feel pretty special too, they each had their own bday 'helper' day at preschool and got to bring the class snacks.

Basically we've been opening presents for about 3 weeks straight, with one week off until Christmas extravaganza.....WHEW!! What fun, what fun. We are SO blessed, thank you all for jumping on the Thomas Birthday train and sending us so many birthday wishes. Until next year!